8 Enlightening Tips to Make a Perfect Airline Marketing Plan

Anusree Bhattacharya | October 19, 2021

What are the aviation marketing questions B2B audiences are asking in 2021?

It is always beneficial to study the market scenario and your competitors when starting a new marketing plan. It provides you with a better vision and explores opportunities to become the best in the market and which marketing approach to take. Before you start planning your marketing in aviation, there are a few things you should sort out first.

So, start your strategy by taking note of some important marketing questions!

Important Questions to Create an Aviation Marketing Plan

  • Are aviation businesses doing more or less marketing in 2022?
  • What are the best-performing aviation marketing campaigns?
  • What marketing strategies are unused in the aviation industry?
  • What are the international aviation marketing trends?
  • Which social media do aviation marketing professionals use for marketing?
  • How do aviation professionals plan the finance for marketing?
  • How do market leaders optimize their websites and build a brand image?

Keeping these questions beside you, follow the tips to create a prolific aviation marketing plan.

Tips at your Fingers

Tip One: Things to do—Image Vs. Words

Usage of images (visuals) has become influential to do marketing in aviation. While the industry has always focused on verbal content, both are equally important, but in different marketing ways. Let’s understand the following:

SEO: Images can’t do well when doing optimization. But words are the main component in optimization in blogs, articles, whitepapers, webinars, and more.

Social media: Images are becoming more perusable and are more understood by audiences. Whereas words are compelling to get more visitors to the website.

Website content: In this, both usages of images and content are important to connect with the audience and market well.

It’s crucial to watch the latest aviation industry trends to plan your marketing efforts. Referring to that, you can make the most of materials using images like:

• Display & explain products
• Create presentation showing numeric data
• Create videos out of content
• A sales presentation

Remember, now prospects are emotionally persuaded to purchase products and services. This will lead you to grab more and better aviation business opportunities. You have to be quick and pick up to make the deal yours. Being interactive in your image creation is the better way to show your audience your ideology.

Tip Two: Create One Idea at Once

Any marketing plan should start from one idea at a time. To proceed with it, think and consider— “what is the one thing you want your audience, visitors, or potential targets to understand and get solutions for?

It is necessary to analyze first because most marketing sales professionals remain muddled with the motive behind their marketing efforts. Therefore, it’s better to refrain from yourself and try to ideate one concept at a time. In other words, everything you create should support that ONE idea!

Tip Three: Branding is key!

Branding is visual. Visuals appeal to prospects in the aviation industry.

Is your brand instantly recognizable to your prospects? If not, you need to pay more heed to it.
Your brand is more than any other asset that communicates your story.

A creative and reflective brand image is one of the impactful aviation industry trends most aviation professionals focus on. It’s vital because visuals have an appealing factor. In addition, the professionals in the aviation industry, engage and trust information displayed than told to them. So, create a visual brand image that tells a story.

Another most important thing is to add testimonials to your brand. Yes! Video testimonials are much more potent because it comes from your prospects.  Make a “wish list” of prospects you would like to get a testimonial from and add it to your website!

Tip Four: Campaign it! With RIGHT message

Before you head towards creating campaigns for marketing in aviation, remember that every campaign needs these three elements:

• A great list
• A great offer
• And a great presentation

If any of these elements lack the motive, you won’t be successful. An example of it is a general digital magazine advertisement. It has a numerous list of subscribers, beautiful design, conceptualization, but no specific offer or a call to action. The reader won’t take any interest in responding to that particular ad. Such campaigns face severe failure!

But if your campaign has the base of these elements, you can expect a good ROI for your business.

Tip Five: Social Media Secrets

There is always some information hidden in the news or something that your community or industry talks about. So, it is good to keep a watch on such matters to generate good content. Social media is the most preferred platform to do such activities today.

You probably don’t have time to get involved in every social media channel. So, it's better to involve in one channel than to be on multiple. So, watch the new, set up analytics for key topics important in the industry, and let inspiration spread in the form of information through your marketing materials like infographics, slides, images, and more.

As Hootsuit studied on social media usage by marketing leaders, let’s have a quick look at which social media do aviation professionals use for marketing mostly.

Rare:       0%
Monthly: 31%
Weekly:  25%
Daily:      57%

Monthly: 13%
Weekly:    9%
Daily:      20%

Monthly: 17%
Weekly:  14%
Daily:      25%

Monthly:   4%
Weekly:  11%
Daily:        3%

Monthly: 21%
Weekly:  14%
Daily:      10%

These indicate that your competitors mostly use LinkedIn and Facebook channels for marketing because aviation professionals are most likely to be using these channels frequently. If you produce interesting information, you can build a strong online audience.

Tip Six: Bag the deal with 15 Second Sales Presentation

Sales & sale—do it the right way!

What do you say when a prospect asks you, “What do you do?” Here your 20-second sales presentation works in a roomful of sales-interested prospects!

Sale is a process. If you have the proper steps to follow intelligently, you will have much better results. But remember, it should be contented and compelling to the right people, but non-pitchy.

Follow these tips to deliver a fantastic presentation within seconds:

• Reflect your USP (unique selling proposition)
• Your company’s tagline
• Keep it amazingly short
• Avoid usage of over hyperbole— for example “We have most unbelievably wonderfully grand aviation products for you”
• Be concise, professional, and elegant
• Use non-technical language
• Tell benefits than features
• Use examples when necessary

Deliver an approachable, responsive, and simple presentation that makes your prospect say, “Tell me more about that!”

Apart from this, sales are also about passion. And if a prospect senses your passion for what you do, they become much comfortable with your offerings!

So, do your homework. Prepare for it in advance. Know everything you can about the prospect; its company, services, mode of work, and more. Then have a faithful and specific objective in mind for each sales call. This will find your prospect’s best interest to discover more, take the conversation deeper, and thus, no one can stop you from getting the deal done.

Tip Seven: Plan an Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is crucial when it comes to marketing—branding, sales, and relationship building.
Providing highly informational content to your prospects allows interacting.

To simply put, your calendar is the best cover page. It will help to align the process of marketing items such as:

• Planned campaigns
• Webinars
• Seasonal events
• Launches
• expenses

Planned marketing will bring fascinating aviation business opportunities and will stimulate the aviation industry growth.

Tip Eight: Be Financially Strong!

This is a crucial part. Finance is what your top management wants to see. It is easy to come up with a huge, long, unproductive, and unrealistic marketing plan. However, planning a reasonable one that is capable of bringing success and probability together is truly an art. So, ensure to make an advanced one with a monthly income statement and include assumptions you make.

Marketing in aviation is growing fast and is not expected to be sluggish anytime soon. With the rising aviation industry trends, it's easy to see opportunities beyond 2021. Therefore, all you need is an all-inclusive plan by following these tips. They will help you learn online aviation marketing solutions to increase traffic, ROI, brand image, and of course, raise conversation rates.

After completing your marketing planning, read further to get familiar with using effective marketing strategies that will bring effective change to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the tips for creating an aviation marketing plan?

Aviation marketing has nothing different from other marketing ways. It is just you need to pay attention to the range of audiences is in the aviation industry. However, here are some more tips:

• Optimize your every content generation
• Display your potential to the audience
• Pay attention to ads
• Leverage paid ads
• Do email

What is the importance of marketing in aviation?

Aviation not only deals with passengers; it includes businesses to make money. For that, marketing plays a vital role in making people aware of product selling or providing services. It drives awareness of products, creates a brand image, builds trust among buyers, and provides valuable information to the audience in various forms using various channels.

What is the difference between selling and marketing?

Selling makes money directly from the prospects. While marketing is all about serving solutions and satisfying prospect needs. The method includes different stages—planning, analyzing, monitoring, execution, promotion, and distribution.



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Since the flight of the world’s first practical helicopter in 1939, Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company, has remained the industry leader through its commitment to innovation, excellence and safety. Pioneers in flight solutions that bring people home everywhere, every time, we serve commercial and military markets around the world.