Textron Subsidiary Refines US and Australia C-17 Maintenance Training Systems

| March 8, 2017

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A Textron subsidiary has implemented modifications on C-17 aircraft maintenance training equipment for the U.S. and Australian air forces.



AWAS was acquired by Dubai Aerospace Enterprise in August 2017.


The Top 5 Head Of State Aircraft In The World

Article | April 1, 2020

Flying first class can be very luxurious. Flying in your own private jet is a whole other level of luxury though. But of these world leaders, their transport is a step up again. Many countries use their own private jets to move leaders around, but which are the best, most luxurious aircraft used by heads of state? Here’s our top five.

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Inflight Connectivity Continues Making Global Strides

Article | March 3, 2020

With our 2020 predictions series wrapped up, one common theme we saw across different thought leaders was the increasing presence of inflight connectivity (IFC) in the aviation ecosystem. In addition to contributing to the passenger experience, IFC enables a more robust and higher value proposition to airlines for operating the aircraft. In recognition of this important theme, we captured a few industry news stories highlighting IFC’s growing influence in the aviation ecosystem in our latest roundup. Read below for more stories about how IFC is shaping the present and future of the aviation industry: Last month, Inmarsat announced that its GX Aviation solution reached the milestone of powering 1 million free inflight Wi-Fi sessions for Air New Zealand, approximately one year after the airline moved towards a free inflight Wi-Fi model.

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Which Airlines Are Still Operating The Airbus A380?

Article | March 20, 2020

Many airlines that operate the A380 have said that they plan to halt flights until after the current crisis is over. But looking online, many of these airlines are, in fact, still operating A380 flights. Which airlines have grounded them and which are still flying? The Airbus A380 is a fantastic aircraft. It can fly around 500 passengers vast distances and form the backbone of many long-haul international routes. However, in a period of low demand, many airlines have said that they will halt A380 flights as it is simply not economical to fly them.

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The Boeing 737 MAX – What Needs To Be Fixed?

Article | March 26, 2020

The Boeing 737 MAX is one of the most praised and also the criticized aircraft ever built. On one hand, it has been popular with airlines with plenty of orders for the American planemaker. However, since being grounded many airlines have become nervous about utilizing the type. How can Boeing move forward? As mentioned in the introduction, the Boeing 737 MAX is a fine aircraft if you look at the pure numbers. It has great fuel efficiency, very versatile thanks to its range and perfectly hits that sweet spot with passenger numbers.

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