A Crucial Technological Upgrade for DoD Fleets

Shift5, Inc | May 03, 2021

A Crucial Technological Upgrade for DoD Fleets
Shift5, Inc., an operational technology data and cybersecurity organization, has delivered an imaginative answer for continuous prescient upkeep technology for Department of Defense weapon systems. By coordinating a consolidated equipment and software item, platform proprietors and administrators will acquire perceivability into their fleet wellbeing status to diminish upkeep expenses and increment operational preparation.

Department of Defense weapon systems has numerous expenses adding to their sustainment, with support containing a significant segment of all-out possession cost. On one side, upkeep prompts expanded expenses and eliminates vehicles from tasks pointlessly; while on the opposite side of the range, downsizing support exercises to decrease expenses could prompt surprising hardware disappointment, trailed by long emergency and fix time. Sometimes, these unforeseen fixes happen under ideal conditions with extremely restricted admittance to platform specialists and other support assets.

The DoD's upkeep framework works fundamentally on time-sensitive or receptive support and is battling to carry out preventive and prescient support advances. At last, there is a fine equilibrium to accomplish when effectively keeping up fleet activities without expanding costs and personal time for basic missions. Framework administrators and commanders require a far-reaching investigation of their fleets' data progressively to all the more likely foresee upkeep necessities. By utilizing high-perceivability dashboards and savvy alarming, clients are engaged to perform successfully prescient upkeep capacities and lower the all-out proprietorship cost of their DoD weapon systems.

Unlocking Fleet Data with Shift5

Shift5 gives the Department of Defense and other platform proprietors the capacity to open beforehand hidden platform data to drive expanded availability and diminishing automatic expenses. There is a gigantic measure of weapon framework data being produced however there is an absence of arrangements available to gather and decipher this perplexing data. By using Shift5's answer, commanders and administrators distantly access essentially more mechanical data than what is delivered today by existing items, with a lot more noteworthy detail and higher convenience.

The Shift5 item segments – Shift5 Intake, Shift5 Engine, and Shift5 Gauge Cluster – can be improved and altered to give data-driven upkeep bits of knowledge to broaden lifetime and operational accessibility of systems, just as decrease dependence on manual, face to face, or routine support checks. Shift5 Intake empowers full parcel data to catch from a wide scope of standard sequential data transport conventions on both inheritance systems and new forms, while Shift5 Engine utilizes standards-based guidelines and progressed models to identify and alarm on oddities or forthcoming upkeep needs. Shift5 Gauge Cluster is the off-platform dashboarding, search, and examination platform and fills in as the client's touchpoint into their data.

Delivering Cyber Resilience for Operational Technology Systems

Operational Technology (OT) systems that influence Serial Data Buses (SDB), including significant DoD weapon systems, require a comprehensive cybersecurity arrangement. Shift5's single security machine ensures SDB-subordinate systems against cyberattacks and empowers administrators, commanders, maintainers, and episode responders. The Shift5 technology uses a layered methodology, applying deterministic principles and progressed models for constant observing for unapproved software and firmware designs, while distinguishing oddities and recognizing framework weaknesses. Similar nonstop checking and adjustable alarms utilized for cyber flexibility can be reached out to prescient upkeep work on SDB-subordinate basic weapons platforms.

Shift5's cybersecurity technology:

• Permits commanders to acquire bits of knowledge into fleet mechanical and cyber wellbeing status to give a typical working picture and upgrade situational mindfulness.

• Permits framework administrators to effectively lead the mechanical and cyber investigation of systems at scale.

• Distinguishes and reports mechanical and cyber irregularities rapidly, diminishing the vacation of basic resources and empowering the discovery of adversary non-active operational arrangement of the climate.

About Shift5
Our group has more than sixty years of consolidated well-trained military and insight local area experience surveying the cybersecurity of, and leading upkeep on, weapon systems, operational technology, and information systems. Shift5 likewise brings powerful defense experience in OT data assortment, edge handling, data examination, weapon framework weakness investigation, cyber-actual infiltration testing, and speedy response software and equipment item advancement.


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Locations that appeal to all your five senses are waiting for you to discover them. Go beyond! Turkish Airlines flies to over 270 cities in 110 countries and is also proud to be the airline that flies to the most countries in the world.