AirShare supports compliance process by integrating with AVCRM software

Airshare | December 29, 2022 | Read time : 01:07 min

AirShare supports compliance process by integrating with
AirShare, New Zealand's drone user hub and unmanned aircraft traffic management (UTM) system, is now integrated with aviation software company AVCRM to support a more streamlined compliance process for pilots.

In Australia and New Zealand, AVCRM provides aviation compliance and risk management software solutions. It uses AirShare's public flight request and authorisation APIs to provide access to AirShare flights, resulting in a more streamlined experience while fulfilling all compliance and risk management obligations.

In its continued commitment to developing a UTM ecosystem, AVCRM is the second organisation to integrate with AirShare via APIs for safe and effective UA management.

“AVCRM are excited to announce our integration with Airshare,It’s our mission to streamline the compliance process with our industry leading paperless operations platform, and we look forward to the AirShare functionality assisting our New Zealand clients.”

 Jonathan King, CEO of AVCRM. 

About AirShare

Airshare is one of the fastest-growing private aviation companies in New Zealand. Their services include private fractional ownership, whole aircraft management, and charter, with bases in Kansas City, Denver, Dallas, Houston, and Chicago.  AirShare serves an upscale and diverse clientele that includes business owners, corporate executives, and high-net-worth individuals, while flying over 12,000 flights annually across North America and the Caribbean.


AVCRM brings you the world's first complete and flexible Aviation Management Software Solution. AVCRM offers one of the market’s most efficient, flexible, and user-friendly aviation software.  AVCRM's application gives the unprecedented ability for operators to select flexible options that meet their operational requirements. AVCRM team endeavors to provide aerodrome management software to the industry at all levels.


On April 20th, Air Canada took delivery of a brand new Boeing 787-9. The acceptance of this aircraft marks Air Canada's 38th 787 and 30th 787-9. Notably, the aircraft is the first Dreamliner delivered to the airline since April 2019. One interesting aspect about this particular delivery was that the aircraft flew directly from Boeing facilities in Charleston (CHS) to Birmingham (BHX) in the United Kingdom. Let’s look at the journey of this new aircraft in today’s video.


On April 20th, Air Canada took delivery of a brand new Boeing 787-9. The acceptance of this aircraft marks Air Canada's 38th 787 and 30th 787-9. Notably, the aircraft is the first Dreamliner delivered to the airline since April 2019. One interesting aspect about this particular delivery was that the aircraft flew directly from Boeing facilities in Charleston (CHS) to Birmingham (BHX) in the United Kingdom. Let’s look at the journey of this new aircraft in today’s video.

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BlueHalo Bolsters Leading Position in Counter-UAS With Acquisition of Verus Technology Group

PRnewswire | April 04, 2023

BlueHalo, a leading provider of critical capabilities and technologies across Space, Air, and Cyber domains, today announced it has acquired Verus Technology Group, Inc. ("Verus" or the "Company"). Founded in 2014, Verus designs, develops, and integrates counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems ("c-UAS") products utilizing industry-leading radio frequency ("RF") and digital signal processing ("DSP") technologies. Verus's flagship product, SkyView, provides category-leading passive RF-based detection, identification, tracking and telemetry extraction of small unmanned aircraft systems ("sUAS"). Available in both fixed-site and mobile configurations, SkyView allows for a wide variety of use cases from military applications to defending critical commercial infrastructure. Verus's reputation for superior performance and ease-of-use has enabled the Company to deliver its critical solutions across a broad portfolio of demanding customers throughout the Department of Defense ("DoD") and Intelligence Community ("IC") including two Programs of Record with the United States Marine Corps ("USMC") and Special Operations Command ("SOCOM"), as well as civilian, commercial, and international markets. The acquisition of Verus directly complements BlueHalo's AI/ML enabled, RF-based Titan c-UAS solution as well as the company's Locust directed energy c-UAS solution and ARGUS Perimeter Security solution. Verus's proprietary platform and software coupled with BlueHalo's existing technology will allow the combined enterprise to deliver a superior suite of products to support the warfighter in the ever-evolving next generation battlefield and protect critical infrastructure against adversarial threats. "Verus has consistently demonstrated their ability to deliver critical, innovative c-UAS solutions to the most demanding customers across the DoD, IC and civilian markets. Combining SkyView and the team's proven ability to innovate at mission speed alongside BlueHalo's Titan system positions BlueHalo as the #1 c-UAS provider in the market," said Jonathan Moneymaker, Chief Executive Officer of BlueHalo. "We are incredibly excited to bring Verus into BlueHalo and provide an integrated, superior set of solutions offering a protective ring around our customers as we seek to neutralize the ongoing c-UAS threat." David Wodlinger, a Managing Partner at Arlington Capital Partners, said "Drone technology continues to proliferate, allowing bad actors to acquire greater capability at a lower cost. The U.S., and the world more broadly, are not yet adequately prepared for the threat that drones pose to our critical infrastructure and national security. Within BlueHalo, we plan to invest an increasing amount of resources into bringing to market the best c-UAS solutions to address these emerging threats." John Abbey, CEO and Founder of Verus, shared "We are incredibly excited to partner with BlueHalo as we continue to deliver innovative solutions to our customers. Joining BlueHalo will allow us to deliver an expanded set of capabilities and resources to both new and existing customers as we focus on achieving an even greater mission impact. We're thrilled to continue to push boundaries and deliver critical technology and capabilities to the warfighter with BlueHalo." Henry Albers, a Vice President at Arlington Capital Partners, said "We have tracked Verus for many years as the Company has developed into the clear leader for passive RF detect solutions in the c-UAS market. With access to BlueHalo's extensive corporate infrastructure and resources, we believe the Company is well positioned to continue its impressive growth trajectory." Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP served as legal counsel to BlueHalo. Citizens Capital Markets acted as sole financial adviser and Cooley LLP served as legal counsel to Verus Technology Group. About BlueHalo BlueHalo is purpose-built to provide industry-leading capabilities in the domains of Space, c-UAS, Autonomous Systems, and Cyber. BlueHalo focuses on inspired engineering to develop, transition, and field next-generation capabilities to solve the most complex challenges of our customers' critical missions and reestablish our national security posture in the near-peer contested arena. About Arlington Capital Partners Arlington Capital Partners is a Washington, DC-based private equity firm that has managed approximately $7 billion in capital commitments. Arlington is focused on middle market investment opportunities in growth industries including aerospace & defense, government services and technology, healthcare, and business services and software. The firm's professionals and network have a unique combination of operating and private equity experience that enable Arlington to be a value-added investor. Arlington invests in companies in partnership with high quality management teams that are motivated to establish and/or advance their company's position as leading competitors in their field.

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SmartSky Launches Capability to Keep Inflight Data Secure from End to End

PRnewswire | April 25, 2023

SmartSky Networks, the innovative air-to-ground (ATG) inflight connectivity provider, announced today the launch of SmartSky Private Intranet (PI) routing powered by its Skytelligence services platform. The PI is deployed using an aircraft interface device (AID) and routes data traffic privately to and from the aircraft utilizing SmartSky's next generation network and patented beamforming technology that assigns a separate connection to each aircraft with no bandwidth sharing like what is found on other airborne networks. Once the data traffic reaches the SmartSky ground network, it is securely routed through one of the company's three private data centers directly to the customer's corporate enterprise network giving aircraft owners and operators the option for their inflight data traffic to completely bypass the internet and to determine how and when it is routed externally. SmartSky PI enables the aircraft to function as a true node on the customer's corporate enterprise network instead of as an exception. SmartSky PI is made possible by the company's proprietary Skytelligence services layer that connects the AID to the SmartSky ATG network and moves the customer's data traffic according to their specifications. This combination of a secured IFC network, AID and direct custom routing of data traffic to a corporate network represents the first-ever, end-to-end private inflight Wi-Fi connection. This makes a VPN unnecessary when using the airborne network and secures not only the transfer of data to and from the cabin, but also all other aircraft data transferred while in flight. The PI service enables aviation customers with SmartSky equipped aircraft to add a new level of security to their inflight data beyond the cabin Wi-Fi, now including electronic flight bags (EFB) and aircraft health monitoring. Accessing 60 MHz of spectrum in the unlicensed band, the SmartSky inflight connectivity network utilizes 20 times the bandwidth of legacy ATG systems. This means plenty of capacity and sustained performance for aircraft operations as well as real-time transfer of critical maintenance and performance data. This means the cockpit can now be more responsive to changes in flight conditions, improving safety and flight efficiency. Vital flight data can be offloaded inflight to allow ground crews to be prepared for maintenance needs upon landing, reducing AOG time. "The capability for Private Internet showcases several dimensions of the way SmartSky is changing inflight connectivity beyond the cabin, enabling new levels of privacy, security, and performance for the entire aircraft and the industry. SmartSky PI is enabling the connected aircraft, today," said Sean Reilly Vice President for Digital Solutions and Air Transport. "It gives an organization's IT department complete oversight and control of inflight data transmissions of users onboard, greatly enhancing information security and data sovereignty versus what is available with legacy ATG and satellite systems in use today. In a world where cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and complex, SmartSky's Private Intranet helps aircraft operators to have confidence that their inflight communications and data are secured, simplifying compliance with Aircraft Network Security Programs. Skytelligence helps us move the right data to the right place at the right time with a secure connection, whether that's data from the aircraft with an AID, data from FAA SWIM, or data from any of our partners." SmartSky Private Intranet was unveiled at the New Products Introduction (NPI) session at the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) annual conference in Orlando, the industry's biggest avionics related gathering of the year. About SmartSky Networks SmartSky Networks was founded to transform aviation through disruptive communications technologies, services, and tools. The network takes advantage of patented spectrum reuse, advanced beamforming technologies and 60 MHz of spectrum for significantly enhanced connectivity. SmartSky Networks uniquely enables an "office in the sky" experience with unmatched capacity for data transmissions both to and from the aircraft. This real-time, very low latency, bidirectional data link makes SmartSky Networks the best in-flight user experience, and a key enabler for new and enhanced applications and services.

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GenH2 and ZeroAvia Sign MoU to Develop Liquid Hydrogen Technologies for Airports

PRnewswire | May 29, 2023

GenH2, an industry leader in hydrogen infrastructure solutions, has executed an MOU with hydrogen-electric propulsion developer ZeroAvia to develop liquid hydrogen aviation infrastructure solutions for use in airport environments.ZeroAvia is developing the first practical zero-emission aviation powertrain to provide scalable, truly clean aviation by replacing conventional combustion engines.ZeroAvia's hydrogen-electric engine uses fuel cells to generate electricity from hydrogen fuel, before using that electricity to power electric motors that turn the aircraft propellers. The company is first targeting retrofit of its hydrogen-electric engines with existing fixed-wing and rotorcraft airframes to reduce time to market, while also partnering with clean-sheet designers. ZeroAvia plans for certification of its ZA600, 600kW 9-19 seat engine as early as 2025, before certifying the ZA2000 engine for up to 80 seat regional turboprops by 2027. GenH2 offers Hydrogen liquefaction, storage and dispensing systems ranging from 20kg/day up to 5000 Kg/day that are capable of working airside as a ground support refueling unit and as a primary source of LH2 fuel in support of airport operations. GenH2's technology allows liquid hydrogen utilizers to break traditional geographic constraints so that they can get liquid on demand and wherever their businesses require. "We are excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with ZeroAvia to develop airside LH2 infrastructure solutions that will establish the foundation for dedicated ground support for ZeroAvia aircraft," said Greg Gosnell, CEO of GenH2. "ZeroAvia is a leader in zero-emission aviation and has proven hydrogen is the likeliest fuel source for zero-emission propulsion. The combination of the technologies from ZeroAvia and GenH2 will speed time to market and accessibility for aviation advanced clean energy." "Today, aviation is the fastest-growing source of greenhouse gas emissions, and without radical change, its share of global climate impact is expected to be more than a quarter of all human activity by 2050," said Arnab Chatterjee, Vice President of Infrastructure, ZeroAvia. "We are excited to partner with GenH2 because their liquefaction capability will further support our mission in demonstrating that hydrogen-electric propulsion is the only way to scale truly clean aviation for commercial use." About ZeroAvia ZeroAvia is a leader in zero-emission aviation, focused on hydrogen-electric propulsion as the key to delivering clean aviation. The company is developing two engine classes initially, targeting a 300-mile range in 9–19 seat aircraft by 2025, and up to 700-mile range in 40–80 seat aircraft by 2027. Based in the US and the UK, ZeroAvia has already secured experimental certificates for three prototype aircraft from the CAA and FAA, passed significant flight test milestones, secured a number of key partnerships with major aircraft OEMs, secured $10B in pre-orders from a number of the major global airlines, and is on track for commercial operations in 2025. The company's expanding UK operations are supported by grants from UK's Aerospace Technology Institute and Innovate UK, and ZeroAvia is part of the UK Government's Jet Zero Council. About GenH2 GenH2 is a technology leader in hydrogen infrastructure systems for advanced clean energy. GenH2 solutions will allow for safe liquefaction, storage, and distribution of liquid hydrogen. The company will focus on mass-producing light-scale equipment to speed infrastructure buildout and make hydrogen accessible for everyday use around the globe. The Titusville, Florida-headquartered technology team includes former NASA researchers and developers who possess decades of experience researching, engineering, and building hydrogen solutions.

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