Electra and flyv to Reinvent Regional Air Travel in Europe with On-Demand Flights on Hybrid-Electric eSTOL Planes | December 30, 2021

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A new generation of cost-efficient hybrid-electric aircraft is making on-demand regional air travel commercially feasible., a US-based clean aviation technology company and flyv, a German company creating On Demand Air Mobility solutions, have partnered to develop a revolutionary customer-centric air mobility solution that leverages the economic advantages of Electra's sustainable flight technology to offer travelers the quickest, most cost-effective route between locations in underserved regional travel markets in Europe.

Passengers will fly on Electra's hybrid-electric, ultra-short takeoff and landing (eSTOL)aircraft, a fixed-wing plane that uses a unique combination of proven blown lift technology, hybrid-electric power, and distributed propulsion to operate on runways as small as 100x300 feet. The quiet, piloted plane delivers substantially lower emissions and operating costs than conventional aircraft. Batteries are recharged mid-flight, eliminating the need for ground charging infrastructure and enabling quick flight turnaround in diverse environments. The flyv service will initially operate between airports and eventually provide point-to-point intercity travel, taking full advantage of the Electra eSTOL's ability to take off and land in places previously inaccessible by flight.

flyv is a novel airline focused on regional air mobility. In lieu of a traditional hub and spoke network, the flyv scheduling platform uses a proprietary algorithm to optimize the daily flight schedule based on paid bookings and operational constraints. flyv will provide customers a guaranteed fixed travel timeframe to their destination at the point of booking, and exact itinerary details prior to departure.

"There is a gap in transportation services today between where ground transport is effective and where large transport aircraft are providing efficient service. We designed Electra's eSTOL aircraft to fill that gap, providing a more sustainable transport option than cars or traditional aircraft for short and medium distance routes up to about 500 miles, We are delighted to be partnering with flyv to pair our aircraft technology with flyv's innovative business model and flight scheduling technology to bring this transportation solution to customers."

- John S. Langford, Founder and Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of

"Traditional airlines are focused on capacity, not on demand. We're building a new means of transport that is demand-driven and customer centric. We aim to connect unserved communities to as many other decentralized locations as possible by delivering the fastest means of transport from one point to another at market value-based prices, The economics were a challenge with conventional aircraft. The cost-effectiveness of Electra's high-performance eSTOL aircraft is the puzzle piece that makes the flyv model work. Our partnership with Electra enables a micro-mobility solution that connects the unconnected into the global aviation network in a sustainable way, creating economic opportunities for both communities and customers," 

- flyv Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Anton Lutz.

Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), flyv will be Electra's air mobility services partner in Europe, and Electra will be flyv's OEM partner for regional air mobility services in Europe and elsewhere, with a commitment by flyv to purchase of up to 100 Electra eSTOL aircraft. The agreement raises Electra's total purchase commitments to 280 aircraft. The two companies will jointly explore urban and regional networks to be served by flyv, and will collaborate on elements of eSTOL performance, economics, and passenger experience as well as joint marketing initiatives. The global urban and regional advanced air mobility market is forecast by Morgan Stanley at $1 trillion.

About flyv 
flyv is a start-up On-Demand Air Mobility airline connecting people in a demand-driven network, with a mission to connect every possible landing field in a single customer-induced web created anew every day. The company's core asset is its two algorithms: the fulfillment algorithm and the product algorithm. Together they enable optimized product offering and operationalization leading to a new approach in airline distribution and management. flyv's highly skilled  team draws from various disciplines with executive experience from Amazon, GE Aviation, Vodafone, easyJet, and Lufthansa Group,  as well as renowned scientific institutions and European airports.

About, Inc. is a next-gen aerospace company leading the way in sustainable urban and regional mobility. The company is building clean, hybrid-electric, ultra-short takeoff and landing (eSTOL) airplanes that fly people and cargo quieter, further, and more affordably. Electra is collaborating with air transport and ground infrastructure operators to achieve a turnkey solution for diverse markets. Electra's team includes some of the most respected and successful entrepreneurs and engineers in novel aircraft design, and its technology development is supported by NASA and the US Air Force Agility Prime program.


This Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) includes the illustration and identification of replacement parts and assemblies necessary for maintenance of the specified aircraft model. The Catalog gives the information available at the time of publication. Refer to the Maintenance Manual, not to this Illustrated Parts Catalog, for removal and installation procedures. The airplane operator must use the applicable rules to establish the status or airworthiness of the airplane.


This Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC) includes the illustration and identification of replacement parts and assemblies necessary for maintenance of the specified aircraft model. The Catalog gives the information available at the time of publication. Refer to the Maintenance Manual, not to this Illustrated Parts Catalog, for removal and installation procedures. The airplane operator must use the applicable rules to establish the status or airworthiness of the airplane.

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Urban Aeronautics, the Israel-based aerospace company behind CityHawk, the advanced, compact eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle) with a distinct, wingless exterior and patented fully-enclosed Fancraft™ rotor system, today announced a new partnership with Universal Avionics, an Elbit Systems company and a leading manufacturer of innovative commercial avionics systems. The innovative partnership will feature Universal Avionics' ClearVision™ Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) solution together with the Aperture™ Advanced Video Management Device on the CityHawk air taxi and EMS vehicles. This combination will enhance aircraft safety through sensor fusion and augmented reality. Universal's technology is an important safety feature for urban flight, especially during takeoff and landing in crowded and confined spaces. This technology partnership provides an unprecedented level of agility for CityHawk's EMS and commercial travel use cases, offering improved weather and traffic handling, heightened night vision, and enhanced landing and ground movement by assisting the CityHawk in adeptly navigating city infrastructures. For more information on the CityHawk's wingless exterior, low noise level, and city-friendly size, visit the Urban Aeronautics site. Universal Avionics will provide a wearable headset for pilots, a sensor package, a sensor fusion and augmented reality platform that, together, will provide a new level of situational awareness and improved decision making for the pilot of a CityHawk. "Our mission at Universal Avionics is to shape the future of aviation by creating commercial avionics solutions that enhance safety and efficiency, and to deliver an outstanding customer experience. We are thrilled to bring our best-in-class technology to the urban air mobility space. We know eVTOLs are the future, and we're happy to have a partner that is both innovative and advanced with this unique technology." - Universal Avionics CEO Dror Yahav. "This partnership is particularly exciting in that it offers the CityHawk and our pilots improved visibility and agility for every ride, whether it be transferring passengers from an office building downtown to an apartment building downtown or evacuating a patient to a hospital. As a pilot for over 25 years, I know firsthand how powerful this technology is, and what a valuable step this partnership is in making urban air mobility a safe and enjoyable reality for both pilots and passengers." - Urban Aeronautics CEO Nimrod Golan-Yanay. This partnership announcement comes as Urban Aeronautics prepares to close its Series A funding round and in the wake of recent partnerships with other leading names in eVTOL and aerospace technology. This includes Urban Aeronautics' research partnership with London-based Skyports to explore requirements for eVTOL infrastructure in the Middle East region, and another partnership between Urban Aeronautics and California-based Hypoint to adapt hydrogen-fuel-cell technology for aviation. About Universal Avionics: Universal Avionics is a leading manufacturer of innovative commercial avionics systems offering retrofit and forward-fit solutions for the largest diversification of aircraft types in the industry. Together with its parent company, Elbit Systems, it is a market leader in Enhanced Flight Vision Systems. Starting with the first ever EVS to be certified for operational credits – EVS-I certified in 2001, Universal and Elbit have delivered nearly 3,000 EVS cameras worldwide for 22 aircraft types. SkyLens is certified today on the ATR 42/72-600 and is starting certification flight testing on a Boeing 737NG. About Urban Aeronautics: Urban Aeronautics is creating the world's first compact, hydrogen-powered eVTOLs designed for repeated use, minimal noise, reduced emissions, and maximum public benefit as air taxis and ambulance services in crowded, urban environments. Headquartered in Israel, Urban Aeronautics' CityHawk air taxis and ambulances have been in development since 2006 and have completed over 300 successful test flights. The CityHawk's car-sized footprint and wingless, enclosed rotor design allow for safe, smooth, unobtrusive takeoff and landing in incredibly compact and crowded spaces. The increased operational efficiency of the Urban Aeronautics technology is designed to complement existing infrastructure and aviation requirements and has the potential to generate exponentially more commercial revenue per day than leading proposed urban aviation solutions.

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