FXSolutions to Offer Whole Aircraft Business Jet Brokerage Services

FXSolutions | April 20, 2022

Aircraft Business
Aircraft brokerage company FXSolutions, the latest business to be launched by Directional Aviation’s family of companies, has developed a proprietary aircraft comparison tool to help private aviation clients take the next step in their aircraft acquisition journey.

FXSolutions offers industry-competitive advantages not found elsewhere including a hands-on approach to identifying aircraft inventory niche markets and the decades of collective experience of its leadership team. In addition to the team’s vast aviation knowledge, this interactive tool is particularly vital given today’s inventory challenges driven by high demand.

Founded on the laurels of Sojourn Aviation, FXSolutions will build on Sojourn’s success with Matthew Doyle as Managing Partner. Doyle brings more than 20 years of experience in aircraft sales from Flexjet and Flight Options. Joining Doyle in leading this new company will be Partner Ed McDonald, formerly of Sojourn, and Partner Clay Wilcox, formerly of Flexjet. Sojourn will be absorbed into the new brokerage service.

“It was never a simple process to find the best aircraft to meet your needs and negotiate the best price, and the market has changed in a way that makes using a professional brokerage team like ours the best way to navigate the process,” said Doyle.

According to a recent Barclays industry update report, preowned aircraft inventory has fallen, and pricing has grown in the last year. In fact, they have estimated that since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, young used aircraft inventory has decreased 52 percent. Overall, their research indicated that young preowned small cabin aircraft prices increased by 14 percent since the pandemic began.

FXSolutions can help buyers and sellers navigate these unique market conditions with a purchase process that includes an in-depth interview with the buyer to understand their mission and match them with the right aircraft types and then a worldwide research report aimed at identifying those available aircraft. FXSolutions uses its unique market data system and contacts to stay on top of aircraft availability. Not only does that hands-on approach benefit the buyer, but it also benefits the sellers they represent. FXSolutions expertly manages demonstration flights, pre-purchase inspections and all phases of the closing process.

“Our team of technical experts have such a depth of knowledge and experience that is unmatched in handling the inspection and due diligence during an aircraft transaction. To add to that, their knowledge in global aircraft sales is becoming increasingly sought after in this environment where inventory is tight. What is the unique, though, is that our service doesn’t end when the sale closes. We also can help you find a home for your aircraft, a crew to operate it and the resources to maintain it.”

Matthew Doyle, Managing Partner, FXSolutions

About FXSolutions
FXSolutions is an independent, global aircraft sales company providing consulting and financing assistance services for acquisition, brokerage and the sale of business aircraft led by some of the most experienced sales professionals in the industry. The company uses a combination of hands-on research and a proprietary aircraft comparison tool to assist buyers find the best aircraft at the best price. A member of the Directional Aviation family of businesses, FXSolutions is an accredited member of IADA and a member of NBAA. 


Aerospace and air transportation are critical industries in North Texas. Together, the industries comprise 489 companies in the region and employ more than 75,000 individuals. The industries generate $10.5 billion of in-region purchases between them.


Aerospace and air transportation are critical industries in North Texas. Together, the industries comprise 489 companies in the region and employ more than 75,000 individuals. The industries generate $10.5 billion of in-region purchases between them.

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