JetBlue Now Accepting Applications for Pilot Gateway Programs

JetBlue | March 08, 2022

Pilot Gateway Programs
JetBlue today announced it is once again accepting applications for its pilot Gateways. With seven distinct education and training paths for pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians, JetBlue’s industry-leading Gateways offer anyone with the talent and dream of flying a range of pathways into the industry, opening the door for more people to discover and define their own career path in aviation. As the airline with the longest-running pathway programs, JetBlue is proud to continue its legacy, producing hundreds of new-hire pilots for the airline with 12% of last year’s new-hire pilots coming through one of the JetBlue Gateways.

“Whether you’ve never been in an aircraft flight deck or already have a few solo flights under your belt and are planning for your future as a commercial airline pilot, we know that there is no single route to a career in aviation, but we do believe there should be a path available for anyone with the aptitude and passion to pursue it. Our Gateways offer multiple paths for those who’ve dreamed but never had the opportunity to pursue these highly-skilled careers in aviation. Since 2008 our Gateway programs have been removing many barriers of entry that often ground talented individuals before their dreams can even take flight. We are proud of our ability to extend opportunities to broader audiences and can’t wait to welcome the next generation of aviation professionals to JetBlue.”

Robin Hayes, chief executive officer, JetBlue

JetBlue continues its commitment to developing internal talent by offering current crewmembers both Direct and Flex options toward becoming a pilot or maintenance technician. JetBlue’s program flexibility allows every crewmember to tailor their own experience, further emphasizing the airline’s culture as crewmembers define and work towards career goals.

Since the introduction of the first Gateway University program in 2008, the airline’s Gateways have continued to expand, offering opportunities for candidates to find the path and careers goals that are right for them. With a particular focus on internal development, JetBlue announced new Gateways in 2021 expressly for current JetBlue crewmembers interested in becoming Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMTs), and for immediate family members of JetBlue crewmembers interested in becoming pilots. By making these Gateways available to crewmembers and their families, JetBlue looks to not only encourage the next generation of aviation professionals, but reaffirm the airline’s culture of caring and commitment to crewmember development with increased opportunities for its diverse workforce.

JetBlue onboards hundreds of pilots and maintenance technicians each year and remains an employer of choice for aspiring aviators. Its Gateway programs are just one recruiting pipeline for internal and external candidates.

About JetBlue Airways
JetBlue is New York's Hometown Airline®, and a leading carrier in Boston, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, Los Angeles, Orlando and San Juan. JetBlue carries customers across the U.S., Caribbean and Latin America, and between New York and London. For more information, visit


Unmanned Aircraft (UA) aerial infrastructure inspection is transforming the oil and gas services industry, creating avenues for improved worker and public safety, increased productivity through enhanced data availability and more timely and broader-scope data analysis, as well as enhanced operations and reduced costs. In the oil and gas industry. 


Unmanned Aircraft (UA) aerial infrastructure inspection is transforming the oil and gas services industry, creating avenues for improved worker and public safety, increased productivity through enhanced data availability and more timely and broader-scope data analysis, as well as enhanced operations and reduced costs. In the oil and gas industry. 

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Flapper Partners with magniX to Electrify Aviation in Latin America

magniX | November 16, 2021

magniX, the company powering the electric aviation revolution, and Flapper, Latin America's leading on-demand air charter platform, today announced an agreement for Flapper to purchase up to 20 magni650 Electric Propulsion Units (EPUs) for the conversion of Cessna Caravans to electric aircraft, with an expected launch date of 2024. Flapper currently uses Caravan aircraft for its scheduled service in the state of São Paulo, as well as cargo flights across Latin America. By partnering with magniX, the company aims to decrease operating costs, reduce carbon emissions and activate new routes abandoned by regional aviation years ago. In the 1960s, Brazil had more than 260 airports connected by scheduled flights, compared to only roughly 110 today. "We are excited to partner with a company considered the leader in the electric aviation industry. Together, we will work towards promoting clean and cost-effective aviation in Latin America, with safety as our top priority." - Paul Malicki, CEO of Flapper. The propulsion technology offered by magniX has shown a proven capacity to power a range of different aircraft, including the world's most popular turbo-prop, the Cessna Grand Caravan. With high levels of reliability, unparalleled performance and operational practicality, magniX EPUs can work with multiple sources of energy, including batteries and fuel cells. "Our agreement with Flapper paves the way for zero-emission passenger and cargo air transportation across Brazil and Latin America. Through the electrification of the Caravan planes, we are not only providing cleaner transportation, but opening up access to airports no longer in use due to noise from traditional aircraft. Together, our companies are ushering in the new age of electric flight across one of the world's most populated regions." - Roei Ganzarski, CEO of magniX. As a part of the agreement, Flapper will assist magniX with planning, reviewing, and coordinating all aspects of certification processes, according to the requirements of the local civil aviation authorities. This includes jointly orchestrating the project, providing technical advice and conducting flight tests to show compliance. The Future is Green Flapper has built a proprietary aircraft sourcing inventory and mobile marketplace technology and today counts 270,000 mobile app users and 800 safety-vetted aircraft registered in its fleet. It actively works with numerous Part 135 and Part 121 air carriers on commercializing their fleets under the Flapper-branded passenger experience, which includes full charters and by-the-seat flights. The company aims to neutralize its carbon emissions by 2025, and is actively working with companies, such as magniX, to reduce its carbon footprint. Although business aviation is responsible for just over 0.6% of all CO2 emissions, it is considered strategic in terms of the future application of new technologies focused on reducing carbon footprints. About Flapper Launched in 2016, Flapper is the first on-demand private aviation company in Latin America. Headquartered in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and with local offices in key cities in Latin America, the company commercialized scheduled flights in Brazil and boasts more than 800 safety-vetted charter aircraft on its regional marketplace platform. Flapper reports more than 270,000 users of its mobile app and is both ARGUS- and Wyvern-certified. About magniX Headquartered in Everett, WA, magniX is on a mission to lead the commercial aerospace and defense industries by providing high performance, reliable and environmentally friendly propulsion solutions. Developed with proprietary technology, magniX offers a range of revolutionary electric propulsion solutions, including motors and power electronics, which produce zero emissions at lower operating costs.

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Flitestar Private Jets partners with Discover the World to expand charter services

Discover the World | November 02, 2020

Discover the World is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Flitestar Private Jets, a respected provider of air charter services globally. The partnership with Discover the World will focus on offering charter services to Discover's travel agency global network. Flitestar will also work with Discover's airline partners seeking charter opportunities for available aircraft. On announcing the strategic relationship, Aiden Walsh, Airline Development Manager for Discover the World highlighted, "As we work through the crisis with less connectivity we have seen more and more charter requests from our global agency network. Our relationship with Flitestar will allow us to offer world class charter service to our agency partners with access to more than 7,000 aircraft globally. We are also delighted to start connecting our airline partners with Flitestar to discuss opportunities for grounded fleet. We have had a fantastic response so far as we proactively hunt opportunities for available aircraft."

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Aurora Aerial and GoFor Industries form a drone delivery Partnership

GoFor Industries, Aurora Aerial | March 08, 2021

GoFor Industries, North America’s leading marketplace for last mile, on-demand and same-day delivery and logistics, announced today its partnership with Aurora Aerial, a Winnipeg, Canada-based company that creates remotely piloted aircraft solutions. As part of an overall approach to revolutionize last mile delivery operations, this partnership will strengthen GoFor’s presence in the logistics industry by offering improved delivery performance in a fast and eco-friendly manner. Together, GoFor and Aurora Aerial’s collaboration in this emerging area of last mile delivery will provide a new option for businesses that can radically change and improve delivery speed and experience for their customers. GoFor and Aurora Aerial’s partnership will be piloted in Canada before expanding to GoFor’s other operating markets. The drones used will be Transport Canada Part 9 Safe and are compliant for operation within controlled airspace in defined areas per local guidelines. “Our new partnership with Aurora Aerial is the first step toward redefining the traditional logistics industry and aligns with our vision to revolutionize logistics by using innovative technologies to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Drones provide a way to do this, they deliver with reduced shipping times, reduced operational costs and less impact on the environment,” said Brad Rollo, President and CEO, GoFor. “The pandemic has accelerated the need for and adoption of new delivery solutions caused by a huge increase in online buyers and local delivery demand. People expect fast delivery and want their products when they want them which puts businesses in a seemingly impossible position. GoFor solves the delivery problem at scale, faster than anyone else, and through our partnership with Aurora Aerial, we will help businesses meet their customers’ need for convenience, safety and speed.” This partnership provides the flexibility of GoFor platform’s coupled with Aurora’s aircraft solutions streamline the process for fleet operators to leverage drones for replenishment and secure last mile delivery. The technologies ensure convenience for the end customer with integrated tracking updates coupled with swift, reliable and secure delivery. “The future of delivery will include the use of drones given that the future of the industry will be rooted in connectivity, collaboration, agility and sustainability, all of which drones enable. They are already being used for time-sensitive deliveries, such as medicine, and for deliveries that are difficult to complete using traditional vehicles. Drones can enhance service offerings for businesses of all kinds and serve as a useful transportation option for destinations that lack sufficient infrastructure, ensuring that businesses can provide consistent results for customers no matter their location,” said Alan Tay, CEO, Aurora Aerial. The partnership accomplishes cost-effective and eco-friendly last-mile delivery, massively reducing gas consumption and alleviating road congestion. This allows small businesses, restaurants and shopping malls to complete aerial delivery in compliance with area restrictions. As a result, businesses will save time and money while growing their revenues, customers will not need to drive for pickups, endure curbside pickup waits or standard 3-7 business day shipping times. About GoFor Industries "Get it Delivered Now"—that’s the GoFor promise. GoFor delivers any package, small to big and bulky, locally within three hours. The Ottawa, Ontario, Canada-based company helps North American businesses of all sizes get their products into the hands of customers faster and works with some of the biggest names in the retail, construction, and supply-chain industries. Small companies can use GoFor’s outsourced truck fleets and web-based scheduling solutions. Large businesses can supplement and scale their own existing fleets, and link to GoFor’s logistics system. The result is efficient, cost-effective delivery servicing today’s "I want it now" online customer. For more information on GoFor, visit About Aurora Aerial Aurora Aerial Inc. Innovates solutions by integrating emerging technologies into aeronautics to empower clients in meeting tomorrow's challenges. Aurora Aerial was formed in 2018 by entrepreneurs with fifty plus years managing commercial aviation operations and aerospace. Our focused vertical is Logistics, which encompasses the “Last Mile Delivery”, itself is a $30 Billion market. Operating Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), commonly known as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or Drone, safely and reliably within complex urban environments. These challenges are addressed with our customized solutions utilizing latest aviation technologies and software platforms.

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