Miami International Airport "Skytrain" O&M Contract Renewed with Crystal Mover Services Inc.

CMSI | February 23, 2022

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Crystal Mover Services Inc. (CMSI), a joint venture between Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, Sumitomo Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America (MHIA), has successfully renewed a contract with the Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD) for O&M of the Skytrain Automated People Mover (APM) system serving the North Terminal (Concourse D) at Miami International Airport (MIA). The contract covers a 5-year period commencing January 2022, with an option extendable up to a further 5 years. This new contract also covers the renewal of signal and other equipment of the APM systems, including the manufacture and supply of two additional vehicles.

"We are very pleased that CMSI has been granted the opportunity to continue to provide top-quality service for the Skytrain APM operation at Miami International Airport, CMSI has provided over a decade of proven and successful services for these safe and reliable APMs, contributing to the satisfaction of our airport clients through ensuring the highest levels of passenger service while meeting mandatory 24 hours per day, seven days per week operational requirements."

- Bill Cannon, General Manager and SVP, Infrastructure Group at Sumitomo Corporation of Americas.

Sumitomo Corporation of Americas together with MHI Group won the original order to construct the Skytrain in 1999, which links four stations over a distance of roughly 1.1km. CMSI has provided Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services for the APM system since the line went into operation in September 2010, achieving a safe and reliable transportation system with a high operating ratio. The current system is comprised of five four-car trainsets in operation, and the newly ordered vehicles included in this contract will further enhance the Skytrain's transportation capacity for the future.

This isn't the only APM system the Miami-based O&M provider services. Since the company's inception in 2009, CMSI has been servicing all of the MHI APM systems in the United States. Eight MHI APM systems are currently operating at five major U.S. airports including Miami International, Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta, Orlando International, Tampa International, and Washington Dulles. Every day of the year CMSI managers, supervisors, engineers, technicians and other support personnel provide around-the-clock O&M services to keep the systems running in a highly safe and reliable manner. Backed by the hundreds of years of experience from its parent companies, Sumitomo Corporation and MHI Group, CMSI has the technical skill and support to act as a leader in this industry.

About CMSI
Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Crystal Mover Services, Inc. (CMSI) was established in April 2009 as the designated entity to operate and maintain Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.'s proprietary, state-of-the-art Automated People Mover (APM) systems in the United States. A joint venture company formed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc., Sumitomo Corporation of Japan and Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, CMSI currently provides Operations and Maintenance services for eight MHI APM systems operating at five major U.S. airports.

About Sumitomo Corporation of Americas
Established in 1952 and headquartered in New York City, Sumitomo Corporation of Americas (SCOA) has eight offices in major U.S. cities. SCOA is the largest subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation, one of the world's leading traders of goods and services. As an integrated business enterprise, the firm has emerged as a major organizer of multinational projects, an expediter of ideas, an important international investor and financier, and a powerful force for distribution of products and global communications through a network of offices worldwide. SCOA has been a leading supplier of railway rolling stock and APM systems in the United States and Canada for nearly 40 years, completing projects ranging from transit vehicle procurements to delivering full turn-key and DBOM contracts. The company works closely with customers to ensure that all federal, state and local requirements are met and that suppliers and labor are used in accordance with Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) rules, minority participation programs and other requirements. SCOA has been the Prime Contractor for Automated People Mover (APM) system projects, teaming up with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America (MHIA) to deliver APM systems in major international airports across the United States.


Cathay Pacific has announced that it'll rebrand its freight division to extend brand continuity and create a new identity that aligns better with the group's broader goals. As it'll now be known, Cathay Cargo sees an updated livery, website and other brands.


Cathay Pacific has announced that it'll rebrand its freight division to extend brand continuity and create a new identity that aligns better with the group's broader goals. As it'll now be known, Cathay Cargo sees an updated livery, website and other brands.

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Universal Hydrogen Co., with its mission to bring hydrogen aviation to the aviation world, recently announced it was awarded a certificate of special airworthiness in the experimental classification by the (FAA) Federal Aviation Administration to proceed with its hydrogen-powered first flight. In addition, the company also released video footage of bringing out the first aircraft taxi test success. It was designed to evaluate the ground handling qualities and the execution of the fuel-cell electric powertrain at minimum power settings and airspeeds. The flying testbed Dash 8-300 has a megawatt-class hydrogen fuel cell powertrain in one of its nacelles. The powertrain is arranged similarly to the company's first product, which is a conversion kit for ATR 72-600 regional airliners and is expected to be certified and put into passenger service in 2025. Power directly from the fuel cells is transmitted to the electric motor, eliminating the need for a hybrid battery architecture, and drastically reducing the weight and total cost of ownership of the Universal Hydrogen vehicle. After the approval of the FAA, the way for the Dash 8-300, the first flight of the flying testbed, gets clear, which will happen at Moses Lake, Washington's Grant County International Airport. Dash 8-300 aircraft would be the largest hydrogen fuel cell-powered flight to take off, and the only hydrogen-powered aircraft to fly was a Soviet Tupolev Tu-155 airliner with one of its jet engines changed to burn hydrogen during a test flight in 1988. In December 2022, Universal Hydrogen revealed the first operational tests of its modular hydrogen delivery system at its engineering center in Toulouse, France. The tests showed that modular capsule technology is a practical, near-term, and highly scalable way to get hydrogen to airports and into planes. This eliminates the need for expensive new infrastructure since any airport that can handle cargo is already ready for hydrogen. It also gets rid of transfer losses and speeds up the process of refueling with hydrogen, which was both big problems for the zero-emissions fuel. About Universal Hydrogen Founded in 2020, Universal Hydrogen is creating the future of aviation with a hydrogen logistics network. Hydrogen will power the next age of aviation and is the best suited fuel for flying allowing planes to run on renewable energy and only release water. The modular hydrogen capsules made by the company move directly from the factory to an airplane anywhere in the world using the existing freight network. It is also working to receive certification for its power conversion kit to retrofit existing regional aircraft to fly on hydrogen.

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Canada Jetlines | March 17, 2023

Canada Jetlines Operations Ltd. is pleased to announce that it is in discussions with Qatar Airways Group Q.C.S.C. (“Qatar Airways”) to explore a potential collaboration between the two airlines. Subject to all regulatory approvals, the parties are discussing the possibility of including non-stop flights between Toronto-Pearson and Doha, the home of Qatar Airways. This would offer Canadian travellers access to Qatar Airways' unparalleled network via Doha to destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Indian Subcontinent and across Asia. "We are pleased to discuss potential opportunities with Qatar Airways, an international airline known for its world-class service and consistently recognised by the industry and consumers as the best airline in the world," said Eddy Doyle, President & CEO of Canada Jetlines. "Qatar is not only a growing and exciting destination, it is also home to the world's best airport, Hamad International Airport, which provides seamless connectivity to Qatar Airways' superior global network.” Qatar Airways was recently named 'Airline of the Year' for an unprecedented seventh time at the 2022 World Airline Awards, presented by international aviation ratings organization Skytrax. It was also named 'World's Best Business Class', 'World's Best Business Class Lounge Dining' and 'Best Airline in the Middle East'. Qatar Airways currently flies to more than 150 destinations worldwide via its hub in Doha, Hamad International Airport, which was named "Best Airport in the World" for the second year in a row at the 2022 Skytrax World Airport Awards. AboutCanada Jetlines Canada Jetlines is the all-Canadian airline that is all about value. We’re the little guy that sticks up for the other little guys, and we do it by being passionate about flying and people. We’re just honest about flying; Because it’s nice to pay less to fly. Canada Jetlines is a 100% equity financed and well capitalized low-cost tour and charter leisure carrier that will utilize a growing fleet of Airbus 320 aircraft to service popular sun destinations starting in early 2022.

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