SpeedBird and Northern Jet Management to Merge, Becoming One of The Top 20 Private Jet Operators in the United States

PRnewswire | March 31, 2023 | Read time : 03:15 min

SpeedBird and Northern Jet Management to Merge, Becoming

SpeedBird, a leading luxury private air travel provider based in Orlando, Florida, is excited to announce its forthcoming merger with Northern Jet Management (NJM), the Midwest's largest and most trusted provider of private jet services. This move brings together two talented teams and increases the combined company's fleet to accelerate expansion to more destinations throughout the United States and internationally. The pending transaction, which will close in second quarter 2023, brings the combined company's revenue to more than $110 million. With this announcement, the combined company will have 209 employees, including 98 pilots, and a fleet of 37 aircraft with dedicated customer terminals in Grand Rapids, Michigan; Orlando, Florida; and Naples, Florida., and additional offices in Milwaukee and Chicago.

"Through this combination with Northern Jet, we are now positioned to become one of the top 20 private jet operators in the United States," said Chris Bull, founder and chief executive officer of SpeedBird who serves as CEO of the combined company. "We are excited to collaborate with the teams that Northern Jet has in its Grand Rapids headquarters, as well as in Chicago, Milwaukee and Naples. Northern Jet has been a leader in private air travel for business and leisure for more than 30 years, and our collective commitment to superior client service and safety are well-matched. Their extraordinary team, aircraft fleet and facilities are significant milestones forward for us and will continue to elevate our clients' experience."

"It was important for us to find a company that shared the same values and commitment to putting our clients first and providing sophisticated and safe service to airports throughout the country and abroad," said Chuck Cox, who has led Northern Jet Management since 1995 and becomes chairman and a shareholder of the combined company. "We found our cultural match in SpeedBird, and we are now collectively positioned to serve our mutual clients with even more opportunities for business and leisure travel."

With access to 37 aircraft – including Cessna Citation CJ3s, Learjet 40/45/70/75s, Citation Xs, Challenger 300/350s and Challenger 605s – and a team of 209 total employees, including 98 pilots, the combined company will continue to provide the absolute best in luxury private air travel for clients, all while being an award-winning leader in the industry. The Orlando Business Journal named SpeedBird among its Best Places to Work in 2021. Northern Jet is regularly recognized for its best-in-safety performance rankings from organizations such as the National Business Aviation Association, Air Charter Safety Foundation, Argus International, and in 2020 it was named among "Michigan's 50 Companies to Watch" by the Grand Rapids Business Journal.

The combined company now has 30,000 square feet of hangar space in Grand Rapids, 24,500 square feet in Naples and 32,500 square feet in Orlando. Logging more than 20,000 flight hours annually, it is one of the busiest private aviation companies in the United States.

"Among post-pandemic developments is the vibrant economic outlook for companies like SpeedBird and Northern Jet, whose innovative approach to private air travel reflects what we see as an immense opportunity for long-term growth in key markets," said Josh Ollek, managing director, aerospace at global investment banking boutique William Blair, which facilitated the merger.

About Northern Jet Management

Northern Jet Management provides a premier jet travel experience to customers who seek the flexibility, convenience and comfort that private jet travel promises. We maximize our customers' time with uncompromised quality, service and safety through our focus on total customer satisfaction and absolute professionalism. The Company Jet Fractional Ownership Program, Aircraft Management Services and Private Advantage Card Program make Northern Jet Management the premier private jet operator in the Midwest, with bases in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Naples, Florida.

About SpeedBird

Personal. Private. Authentic. From takeoff to touchdown, SpeedBird offers a bespoke private air travel experience for the most discerning clients. SpeedBird's elevated experience provides clients with unrivaled comfort and reliability, including a wide selection of luxury private aircraft available on demand. To learn more about SpeedBird, please visit


Is a massive Boeing order on the cards? It certainly seems so, with the 737 MAX set to feature in a mammoth order for aircraft by the newly announced Riyadh Air out of Saudi Arabia. In today's video, I discuss the commitment, what it means for the airline and its future plans.


Is a massive Boeing order on the cards? It certainly seems so, with the 737 MAX set to feature in a mammoth order for aircraft by the newly announced Riyadh Air out of Saudi Arabia. In today's video, I discuss the commitment, what it means for the airline and its future plans.

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