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Transoft Solutions and Skyway Have Announced a Strategic Partnership

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Skyway Technologies Corp. has announced a new strategic relationship with Transoft Solutions Inc., demonstrating the company's continuous leadership in the field of urban air mobility and air traffic management. This collaboration demonstrates Skyway's capacity to work with businesses of all sizes and compete as a vital resource in the industry's open market. Transoft offers an unrivaled suite of infrastructure planning products and services to complement Skyway's and the international Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market's efforts.

In the ever-growing vertiport infrastructure market, the alliance will deliver vital innovation. Both firms will work on sophisticated vertiport planning methodologies to mold the tools needed for creative development, with a focus on developing EVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft. This will allow industry professionals to build, construct, and simulate future vertiport master plans with more accuracy.

Understanding the scalable throughput of flight operations will be critical in the decision-making process, as vertiport infrastructure development is likely to be one of the hottest real estate plays in aviation history. The collaboration will aid the industry in comprehending the potential of creating a vertiport as well as the tools required for success.

"Empowering the next generation vertiport planners with the tools needed to scale vertiport operations will pave the way for investments into the infrastructure that will benefit all UAM stakeholders."

Clifford Cruz- CEO, Skyway

Transoft is known around the world for providing cutting-edge software and services for the aviation industry, including planning, simulation, modeling, and design. Transoft and Skyway are pushing boundaries in academic research and development to further understand what the reality of building a vertiport will be. This will help to speed up the development of critical technologies for airports and private sector investments to begin breaking ground on infrastructure projects around the world.



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