March 20, 2019 | (1:30-2:30 PM)
USA (United States of America)
Brazil privatized nine of the country’s busiest airports since 2012, and funds generated by auctioning those airports are being invested in the modernization of 50 regional airports. New upcoming concessions of 13 airports are slated to take place in the first quarter of 2019, prospective concessions packages include airports in the Brazilian Northeast (Recife, Maceió, João Pesso, Aracajú, Juazeiro do Norte and Campina Grande); Midwest (Cuiabá, Sinop, Rondonópolis, Alta Floresta and Barra do Garças); and Southeast (Vitória and Macaé) geographic regions. Investments in the new concessions should total around US$ 8 billion and should create significant opportunities for U.S. suppliers of airport services and equipment.