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Ryanair facing legal action in the UK after budget airline refuses to provide refunds

December 05, 2018 / David Oliver

Ryanair is facing off against the U.K.'s Civil Aviation Authority, with the regulator taking the budget airline to court, saying Ryanair owes thousands of U.K. customers refunds after a summer filled with flight cancellations and delays. The CAA is an independent specialist regulator established by Parliament that holds the aviation industry accountable in the U.K. It's taken legal action against Ryanair after the airline declined to provide refunds for the flight changes, citing the company's pilot and cabin crew strikes, according to reports from the Guardian and the BBC. The CAA contends consumers should receive payment, per local laws, though the airline claims the strikes were "extraordinary circumstances" and that payment isn't necessary. Courts in Germany, Spain, and Italy have already ruled that strikes are an 'exceptional circumstance,' " Ryanair said in a statement to USA TODAY. "We expect the U.K. CAA and courts will follow this pr...