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Airbus sells 120 former Bombardier C Series jets to US airlines

January 04, 2019 / Marco Green

The manufacturer says the airline dubbed Moxy is buying 60 A220-300 aircraft formerly called the C Series in a deal valued at a total of about US$5.5 billion based on 2018 list prices, although buyers typically receive large discounts. Airbus says it will fulfill two new aircraft orders of jets formerly owned by Bombardier at an expanding manufacturing operation on the U.S. Gulf Coast. JetBlue is already a major Airbus operator, with an existing fleet of 193 A320s and A321ceos in service and an additional 85 A321neos on order. Airbus will produce the A220-300s at a new USA assembly facility in Mobile, Alabama. The new low-priced airline, which is being led by the founder of JetBlue, David Neeleman, is aiming to fill a gap in the aviation market offering point-to-point flights between secondary airports and attempting to reduce travel times for travelers.