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Federal Support for RDU's New Runway for China Flights May Fall Short, Airport President Says

January 18, 2019 / RICHARD STRADLING

International Airport plans to replace its aging main runway in the coming years with a new parallel one that will be long enough to launch flights to the far side of the Earth.RDU President and CEO Michael Landguth say he has expected that half or more of the runway's estimated $350 million cost would be covered by the federal government, with the rest divided between the state and the airport. But last fall, during a meeting at the Federal Aviation Administration's regional office in Memphis, Landguth says FAA officials told him RDU should expect only about $35 million in federal money for the project or about 10 percent. If that prediction holds true, Landguth said, it would mean the airport and its customers likely would have to make up the difference. Because the FAA's grant money largely comes from taxes on jet fuel and passenger tickets, Landguth reasons RDU travelers are entitled to get more of it back in support for their airport.