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Tigerair Taiwan IPO targeted at expansion, securing financing

January 28, 2019 / MAVIS TOH

China Airlines believes that a listing for Tigerair Taiwan will pave the road for the low-cost carrier’s expansion, as well as ease the securing of financing. The Taiwanese flag carrier tells Flightglobal that plans for Tigerair Taiwan's listing are in its “early stages”, and that the amount to be raised is still being evaluated, with discussions ongoing with its sponsoring broker. It will, however, lower its stake in Tigerair Taiwan to less than 70%, in line with regulations on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. It will hence look to reduce its 100% holding through share release and cash capital increase. The decision to apply to list Tigerair Taiwan was based on considerations such as greater ease of fund-raising in the future, financial autonomy, and increasing equity value,” says China Airlines.