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American Airlines and Delta Air Lines Did the 1 Thing Passengers Fear Most. Now They've Learned the Price They'll Have to Pay

March 04, 2019 / Bill Murphy Jr.

Air travel in the United States is incredibly safe compared to other modes of transportation.So the greatest fears most airline passengers have are more about bad service and experiences than with safety issues.  Tops on the list? After the law that President Trump signed last year cracked down hard on many other contenders, I'd have to go with the fear of being trapped on a tarmac for hours, as your flight is either delayed and never takes off.Horror stories abound. Passengers were stuck 12 hours on a Delta Air Lines plane in Kansas City last year. United Airlines passengers were stuck on the ground for 14 hours in Newfoundland, Canada in January. And you'll find stories of it happening on other airlines as well.There ought to be a law, you might say -- and in fact there is. Federal aviation regulations say that passengers have to be allowed to get off a plane if it's sat on a tarmac for three hours for domestic flights, or four hours if the flight is international.