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Air Travel May be Less Safe During the Government Shutdown, Federal Inspectors Warn

January 06, 2019 / AviationPros

Federal aviation safety inspectors haven't been inspecting anything for the last two weeks because of the government shutdown. Deemed nonessential workers, the inspectors say they're anything but. Holding signs saying, "Was your airplane properly repaired and inspected today? The FAA does not know!" at Miami International Airport on Thursday, inspectors spoke with departing airline passengers about what they say is a heightened risk of aviation accidents because of their absence. Contrary to their TSA counterparts, safety inspectors have little interaction with travelers. Instead, they work behind the scenes inspecting plane repairs, reviewing pilot work, helping flight attendants with unruly passengers and investigating accidents. About 80 inspectors work at MIA and Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, Banks said, along with a larger administrative staff. Airline companies do their own inspections and reviews, but according to the furloughed inspectors, n...