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Airbus Counts A220s To Meet 2018 Delivery Target of 800 Aircraft

October 31, 2018 / Cathy Buyck

Airbus has admitted that meeting its target of delivering 800 aircraft this year will pose a greater stretch even after it adjusted the total to include 18 A220s, the former Bombardier C Series program of which the European OEM took control in July. Speaking during the company’s nine-month earnings call with investment analysts on Wednesday, CFO Harald Wilhelm said the European airplane maker's own output shortfall of about 20 aircraft results from production issues with the A320neo and the A330neo programs, He also mentioned certain commercial challenges involving the A330ceo and the A380 programs, suggesting the revised delivery target could see a further downgrade.In the revised number of the around 780 commercial aircraft, we still target to deliver all of the A330ceos which we are discussing with a customer and also some A380s that are also being discussed with a customer,” he said, adding that Airbus “is actively working on it” and hopes to resolve the...