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Alaska Airlines and Microsoft Sign Partnership to Reduce Carbon Emissions with Sustainable Aviation Fuel Flights on Major Routes

October 22, 2020 / Alaska Airlines

Employees of Microsoft Corp. who travel between their global headquarters in Redmond, Washington , and California on Alaska Airlines will take more sustainable flights through the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to cover their business trips. SAF, provided by SkyNRG, is an important option for the aviation industry to reduce CO 2 emissions on a life cycle basis. This first US partnership of its kind is a model for other companies and organizations committed to reducing the environmental impact of business air travel. 
Agreement applies to CO 2 emissions from travel by Microsoft employees between Seattle - Tacoma International Airport and San Francisco International Airport, San José International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport - the three routes most used by Microsoft employees on Alaska Airlines. Under a separate partnership arrangement, Microsoft will purchase SAF credits from SkyNRG, and the SAF will be delivered to the airport refueling syst...