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Amazon’s New Delivery Drone: Five Key Things We Know So Far

June 06, 2019 / Conor Reynolds

At Amazon’s Re:MARS conference in Las Vegas the company unveiled the Amazon delivery drone that will be used for its much-touted Air Prime delivery system. Here’s what we know so far… 3. What the MK27 Amazon Delivery Drone Can Do…The MK27 unmanned aircraft is electric and has a range of 15 miles. It has a “carry weight” of five pounds or 2.3kg. (Over 75 percent of all Amazon delivers are under five pounds.) Its design lets it tilt its rotors forward so it can land and takeoff vertically, but Amazon says it retains an aerodynamic flight profile. 2. When is it in Action? Amazon says “within months”, yet there are some regulatory hurdles to get over. Last year Amazon had a licence to operate drones in New York rejected by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), who were concerned that autonomous airborne vehicles couldn’t be operated safety. This week they issued Amazon with permission to operate the MK27 in authorized flight area...