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American Airlines' pilot union pushes management on delays

November 20, 2018 / David Koenig

Union leaders say pilots will push American Airlines for more pay and schedule changes that they believe will reduce chronic flight delays at the world's biggest airline.Daniel Carey, president of the Allied Pilots Association, said Monday that pilots will seek industry-leading wages when their current contract is due for renewal in January 2020.American's 15,000 pilots are working under a 2015 contract that granted them immediate raises of 23 percent plus another 3 percent each year. In 2017, American granted additional raises — 8 percent on average for pilots and 5 percent for flight attendants — that cost close to $1 billion over three years and angered some investors.Carey also said the union wants American to reduce its practice of shifting on-duty pilots to fill in for others who call in sick, can't legally handle a flight because of crew-rest requirements, or other reasons.