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Dutch Government Sets Rates for New Aviation Tax

May 14, 2019 / Cathy Buyck

While continuing to lobby for an EU-level aviation tax, the Dutch government has decided to move ahead with plans to introduce a new national tax on passenger and cargo flights departing from airports in the country starting in 2021. State Secretary for Finance Menno Snel published a draft bill May 14 that proposes a flat-rate aviation tax of €7 per departing passenger—transit passengers and infants under two years old are exempt—and a charge based on the maximum takeoff weight (mtow) of full-freight aircraft indexed to the noise level. Under the legislative proposal, belly freight appears exempt. The proposal would set a rate for the noisiest category of full freighters at €3.85 ($4.31) per ton of mtow and €1.925 for less noisy aircraft. The majority of cargo flights, 85 percent, currently fall into the highest noise category, the ministry of finance said. The draft bill follows a commitment of the governing coalition for a “greening” of its tax ...