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GA Telesis to tear down four Cathay 777s

January 29, 2019 / ELLIS TAYLOR

GA Telesis has been contracted to disassemble four Cathay Pacific Boeing 777s, with the recovered serviceable parts to then be placed into its pool.The company states that work on the first 777 is already underway in the USA, with the other aircraft to be processed at its sites in the USA and the UK.Cathay Pacific has been a tremendous partner for GA Telesis over the past five years allowing us to manage over 25 of their aircraft consignments. We have firmly committed to an additional five 777s from other airlines in 2020,” says Jason Reed, President of GA Telesis Component Solutions Group.While the company did not state which aircraft are being disassembled, it is likely to be four of the five Rolls-Royce Trent 877-powered 777-200s that are being retied by the airline.