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New UK aerospace project set to challenge certification norms

January 16, 2019 / The Engineer

A new project led by the University of Southampton will explore the use of composites in aerostructures and seek to highlight the limitations in current certification procedures. Backed by an EPSRC grant of £6.9m, the research will focus on more structurally efficient and lightweight airframes. In doing so, the team hopes to challenge existing aerospace norms and seek step-changes that the regimented certification process may be preventing. By driving reduced weight, cost and development cycles, the researchers are aiming to lay the foundations for the aviation of the future, where fuel efficiency and electric/hybrid propulsion are expected to come to the fore. This funding is essential to enable continued growth of the UK aerospace industry and take economic benefits from the opportunities inherent in the move towards more sustainable aviation, as it fills a knowledge gap, where there is no equivalent capability in the UK or internationally,” said lead researcher Ole Thoms...