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New Zealand’s Wellington Airport deploys fully automated aerobridge

February 07, 2019 / Airport Technology

Wellington Airport in New Zealand has launched a fully automated aerobridge docking system to accelerate passenger boarding and disembarking from the aircraft. The aerobridge has been deployed at one of the airport’s domestic gates, making the airport the first aerodrome in the world to use this technology.Wellington-based firm Airport Equipment has developed the automated aerobridge, known as the Intellidock system.As soon as an airplane is parked at its allocated gate, the bridge sensor scans the aircraft door and automatically moves the Intellidock system into position and locks it into place. Wellington Airport aeronautical operations general manager Ayolt Wiertsema: “This new technology eliminates possible operator error and will speed up the arrivals process. It is fantastic that Wellington Airport is the first airport in the world using this technology developed by a local supplier.