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The importance of network resilience in airports for the summer peak

May 10, 2019 / Jamie Adkin

Imagine the reputational damage it would cause to an airport if thousands of passengers missed their flights due to broken departure boards, an airline cancelled more than 2,000 flights or a European city closed its airspace. Unfortunately, this kind of disruption is all too real - all three of these scenarios happened in 2018, and at the worst time – during the peak holiday getaway season. In all these scenarios, there was a notable lack of network control and data sharing, leaving staff struggling to cope despite their best efforts. Now, as projects such as the new Jewel Changi Airport grow the concept of airports as not just simple transport hubs, but destinations and experiences in themselves, traveller expectations of smooth and convenient journeys are only going to climb. As a result, smooth running of everything from security to display boards is essential to airports’ brands and financial health. The technology behind these functions must work faultlessly.