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Volatus Aerospace Teams with DJI for Commercial Drone Services in North America

October 14, 2020 / Rob Walker

Volatus Aerospace, is proud to announce its appointment as channel partner for DJI, the world-leading UAV manufacturer. In two agreements, Volatus becomes part of the DJI “Enterprise” distribution network and the first DJI-UTC authorized training centre in Canada. The DJI Enterprise dealership is viewed as an important building block for the growth of Volatus. The overall market penetration and brand strength is certainly a benefit however, the real attraction was the DJI Enterprise focus on what commercial users are actually doing with a drone. DJI engineers focused on how drones were integrated as tools into projects, and committed to support them as they grow and scale. Tapping into the expertise of customers with specific applications, DJI develops and customizes solutions in a way that makes sense for enterprise users. Infrastructure inspections, gas leak detection, powerline inspections, first response, and precision agriculture applications are just a few of the limi...