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What happens if it lands the wrong way up? the one-person Dart Flyer aircraft

October 08, 2018 / IMechE

Although reassuring, the point on the Dart Flyer website might seem self-explanatory. Perhaps when you are dealing with engineering this weird, however, a little clarification doesn’t hurt.Proposed by designers at Ray Research for a Boeing-sponsored competition, the Dart Flyer is described as a single person tail sitter vertical take-off and landing aircraft. A pilot would slide into the thin tube on top of the four large rotors. After reaching sufficient height, the craft would turn horizontal and use its two larger delta wings for unspecified fast cruise flight. The GoFly competition calls for safe, quiet, ultra-compact entries capable of flying 20 miles without refuelling.Together, we will make people fly, says the competition website. But would the Dart Flyer make them do anything else?I’ve ridden a motorbike down the German autobahn at 130mph, and I’ve scaled a vertical rock face 200ft up without a rope, but that looks a bit scary, says Steve Wright, associate pr...