ACC Air Cargo Industry Outlook and Implications for Airport Design

ACC Training Hub

This ACC on-demand webinar will: (1) review the collective cargo experience of U.S. airports since the most common peak year (calendar year 2000) and discuss causes of the massive decreases that occurred in many markets; (2) discuss the composition of U.S. cargo airports, in terms of FedEx and UPS hubs, international gateways and feeder markets; (3) discuss the recent and ongoing impacts of e-Commerce generally and specifically with regards to the development of the Amazon network.
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On 27 January, over the Camargue region of France, twelve aircraft, jewels of French aviation, met in the air: eleven Alphajet from the Patrouille de France and Air France's last Boeing 747.


Pavement Thickness & ACN-PCN

Australian Airports Association

Presented by Greg White, Director, Airport Pavement Research Program University of the Sunshine Coast
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Icing Insights


Whether your airplane is certified for Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) or not, icing is a hazard that should have every pilot on alert. Understanding the impact icing can have on a flight means knowing where favorable icing conditions are forecast, at what altitudes and over which regions. We’ll show you how to get the most out of the latest icing detection and forecasting tools, as well as a, provide a few insights that will help make you more confident when it comes to planning and operating in and around icing conditions.
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Flight Ascend Consultancy Q2 Business Jet Webinar


Flight Ascend Consultancy have hosted a Business jet webinar, where our consultants discussed the latest trends in the global business jet market. Here you can listen to the recording of the webinar session as well as download the presentation slides.
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"Flight Check": a new webinar series for Aerospace & Defence companies

World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology

A new webinar series dedicated to the Aerospace & Defence Industry, known as "Flight Check", was launched in April 2014. Organised jointly by WeiserMazars, Mazars and Moss Adams, the first webcast covered the theme of "U.S. Tax Opportunities for Aerospace and Defence Companies.
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