Advanced Air Mobility: Getting to the Details

Air Mobility
Join Aviation Week Network's editors as they discuss some of the particulars that are emerging in the world of advanced air mobility. This will include the FAA’s current views on vertiport regulation and an update on current company progress toward certification. They will also delve into training for both pilots and maintainers of the all-new aircraft.
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Aircraft Maintenance is trending with a goal to realize the highest utilization of things and people as possible. What gets measured is usually what gets managed. Watch this Webinar to learn about digital bolt-on tools to help the Aircraft MRO operation recover lost capacity, reduce cost and errors, mitigate the maintenance organization safety risks and improve compliance.
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TRB Webinar: Getting Served: Legalities and Risks of Airport Contractual Agreements


This webinar identified primary risks associated with common contracts used by airports of all sizes, including construction, concession, ground transportation, professional services, repair/maintenance, vendor/purchasing, software/IT agreements, and airline signatory agreements. The presenters discussed methods to address, shift, or allocate associated risks using contractual provisions. This webinar also provided an overview of issues related to labor-harmony or labor-peace agreements. Airports have a diverse labor force and are increasingly being asked to become involved in matters that historically were reserved for private employers to address with their own employees. These matters include setting minimum wage rates, establishing safety/training baselines, and requiring “labor-harmony” or “labor-peace” agreements at the subject airports.
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5G and the Future of Airport Wireless


5G is a new wireless standard that is set to vastly improve connectivity between people, devices, and things. It is no wonder that rapid advances in network technology are quickly approaching and airports are increasingly challenged to keep up with strategies for the 5G world. Dallas Love Field (DAL) Director of Aviation Mark Duebner and Boingo Senior Vice President of Business Development Doug Lodder will explore how 5G technology will change the airport landscape and cover what executives need to do now to prepare for this new era in wireless.
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NEXTT: Industry-wide cost benefits

International Airport Review

NEXTT (New Experience Travel Technologies) reimagines on-ground and airport experiences; in particular the emerging technologies and digital transformation this involves. ACI and IATA’s jointly published NEXTT visions have attracted industry-wide agreement on the ‘what’.So, the subsequent questions become ‘why’ and ‘how’. In presenting updates on the NEXTT initiative, including the tangible benefits and what we believe it can deliver – we hope that you can help the industry answer the question of ‘when’.As part of the NEXTT initiative, a Preliminary Cost-Benefit Analysis (Preliminary CBA) was commissioned to help understand the scale, timeline and distribution of benefits and costs to the aviation industry and consumers. The stated goal of this Preliminary CBA was to provide initial quantification of the potential impact of NEXTT on future aviation infrastructure demand, and to understand the combined impact of these technologies.
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