AIAA Aerospace Perspectives Series: Taking Advanced Computing to the Tactical Edge

Lockheed Martin

Defense Applications
Lockheed Martin assembled an outstanding panel of industry and academic leaders to discuss taking edge computing technologies and capabilities to the tactical edge. This webinar will seek to address what edge computing is as it relates to defense applications, the defense capabilities that are enabled with edge computing, challenges, and solutions associated with implementation, as well as defense-specific needs to successfully implement advanced computing capabilities at the tactical edge.
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This is a quick review of Jetstar Pacific, it is based on 2 flights from Bangkok to Hanoi and return, flights were end of Oct - early Nov 2016.


Predictive In-Flight Fuel and Flight Efficiency Pilot Guidance Solution for all Flight Phases Demo- Webinar

Aircraft IT

During the Webinar, SITA FOR AIRCRAFT experts will take you on a demo of OptiFlight, for a typical flight, from a pilot’s perspective, showing recommendations for speeds both for climb-out and to enable on-time arrival at the best fuel/time ratio, possible shortcuts on-route, cruise level changes taking winds into account, and more. As you will see OptiFlight allows pilots and airlines to achieve significant fuel savings, optimize efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions for each flight.
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Drone Safety: It’s the law


The use of drones in our nation’s airspace is rapidly increasing, which raises both opportunities and challenges for public safety and government officials. Are you prepared? Do you have the tools you need to address drone activity in your area?
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Artificial Intelligence in Aviation Maintenance Software Demo

Aircraft IT

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive support will enable minimal interaction and data entry with aviation maintenance software. AI is believed to be the next big technological disruption that would impact multiple industries including Aviation. During the Webinar you will discover how systems with ‘AI support capability’ leverage historical data to offer intelligent support and suggest next steps to users, such as mechanics, engineers and storekeepers, based on the exact context of their work.
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Planning for a Large Inspection


Having your aircraft down for a large inspection is an inevitable part of operating a flight department and takes planning, forethought and communication. However, by taking the proper steps you can prepare for this event in a way that reduces the impact on your aircraft availability.Learn how to maximize your downtime by including optional items and considering a records review.
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