Apache Hadoop, Meet Rocket Science: Big Data at NASA


Chris Mattmann is a comptuer science professor, on the board of directors at the Apache Software Foundation (curators of Hadoop), a software architect at NASA's Jet Propulsion lab and a huge proponent of Open Source technology. In short, he's got a lot of irons in the fire.
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TCP Simulator Flight Attendants our base located in Malaga.


The New Aircraft Charter Rules


After nearly ten years of work, the FAA has finally issued a new set of comprehensive regulations governing “air charter brokers” and how they operate. According to the Department of Transportation, these new rules are intended to “facilitate innovation and growth in the air charter industry while strengthening the legal protections provided to consumers of charter air transportation.
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The IBM Travel Experience Index for Airlines webinar


On March 31, IATA, Airlines International, and IBM hosted and recorded a one hour webinar titled “Compare airline passenger experience scores: The IBM Travel Experience Index for Airlines” Passenger experience surveys are an important and familiar tool in the global airline industry, but typically, they focus on the physical aspects of the travel experience by measuring factors like seat comfort, in-flight entertainment, and cabin amenities. This webinar, however, will reveal the results of a first-of-a-kind study, the IBM Travel Experience Index, which focuses on how digital factors influence the travel experience today.
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Flight School Introductory Webinar

The Wide Awakening

In this powerful introduction to Flight School, Jennifer Hough explores what it looks like to fly and to flourish beyond arduous mental strategies that make life hard. What do you do when you feel the inevitable internal calling to be and do what you came here, on Earth, for? IT'S A WHOLE NEW SET OF SKILLS.
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Digital Flight Ops Manuals / Documentation Software


This On-Demand Webinar (recorded 23rd February 2017) and join the Digital Flight Operations Manuals / Documentation specialists at Arconics as they show you a full overview and demonstration of their market leading and ground breaking AeroDocs Document Management System (DMS). As you will see, AeroDocs is designed to centrally store all documents and manuals and allows ground crew to create and distribute the most up-to-date digital versions across multiple devices including EFB and Tablets.
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