Aviation Compliance in 2018

Aircraft IT

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 22nd February 2018) and join the Paperless and Digital Flight Operations Manuals, Documents and Compliance specialists at Viasat as they discuss aviation compliance in 2018 (the priorities, the realities, and the obstacles) then reveal what every airline flight operations and IT executive should be focused on before walking you through a full overview and demonstration of their market leading XML-powered solution: AeroDocs Compliance and Document Management System.
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With the retierement of the infamous 747, only a few dusin carriers still the oparate the "Jumbo" for passenger opaterations. Air France had been operating the 747 since 1970, and in January 2016 it was finally time to say goodbye.


Jobs, Pay, Careers and More: Aviation Week's 2015 Workforce Study Results

Aviation Week

Three leaders of Aviation Week's 2015 Workforce Study will review key data of interest to employees -- jobs, pay, which companies are doing a great job of meeting employee needs-and then provide insight into what organizations and individuals can do to prepare for the aerospace and defense industry of the future.
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Stratasys and Aerospace Manufacturing & Design


Next week, Stratasys will be hosting a live webinar with Aerospace Manufacturing and Design. Hear from drone manufacturer Monarch about the competitive advantages they have gained by using Stratasys 3D Printing in their design process.
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Fuel Efficiency Solutions Webinar


Webinar Title: Fuel Efficiency Solutions Demonstration & Overview Webinar. [inc: SkyBreathe® Software Demo; Mobile Pilot Interface; How to Engage Pilots; 3D Post Flight Analysis; more…] Host: OpenAirlines Date: 22nd June 2017 Time: Session 1: 06:30 GMT/UTC; Session 2: 14:30 GMT/UTC Duration: 1 Hour WEBINAR OVERVIEW
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Small Satellites Creating New Opportunities in Space Industry

Frost & Sullivan

The space industry is going through a transformational evolution. What used to be an industry whose products/services were affordable only to large enterprises is fast evolving to include small businesses and everyday individuals as potential customers. The small-satellite technology has played a key role.
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