Benefits of Asset-Based Financing in Business Aviation

Thomas Alston

Tom is the CEO of Aero and Marine Tax Professionals, the preeminent experts in California sales and use tax. He also speaks on topics related to work, success, building wealth. His bi-weekly webinars with industry leaders are widely attended.
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Air France announced yesterday that the retirement of their A380 fleet will be completed by 2022. This is much sooner than previously expected and will leave the airline short on long haul capacity. So what’s the plan for the A380’s replacement?


Fuse IMPOSsible Challenge


An informational webinar on the possibilities of a positionally aware inspection tool/sensor for an airplane engine. This tool/sensor would have the ability to report its location at all times within an airplane engine and be extensible to other engines or systems.

Aerospace Big Data Asia


Over the next decade, Asia Pacific and China will be the fastest growing region in the MRO space with projected growth of 20.2% from 2018-2028. Ahead of the Aerospace Big Data Summit (19-20 March 2019) in Singapore, join us for the unique webinar with FlightGlobal’s Director of Aerospace Market, Andrew Doyle, Head of Strategic Content, Murdo Morrison and NokScoot Air’s Head of Engineering and Fleet Management, Raymond Tan.

Fuel Efficiency Solution for airlines


Fuel is the #1 cost for any airline or operator, typically representing more than 30% of the total costs. Regardless of price, there’s a good deal of uncertainty as to long-term fuel market conditions, which means that finding ways to reduce fuel cost will always be critical to success for an airline or operator.

The Future of Airport Surface Management Tools and Benefits to Operational Efficiency


TRB conducted a webinar on Monday, April 2, 2018, from 2:00PM to 3:30PM ET that discusses the current use and future implementation of airport surface management tools as they relate to operational efficiency and delay reduction. The efficiency of surface movement is a key component to maintain the operational flow and to consistently realize the full capacity of the airfield and surrounding airspace at many congested large hub airports.