Inflight Entertainment Today and Tomorrow


From charters to corporate flight crews to owner/operators, the passenger experience is top of mind and in-flight entertainment is crucial to ensuring passengers get the most out of their flight time. Watch now and learn more about today’s trends and tomorrow’s advances in in-flight entertainment with Gogo Business Aviation’s IFE expert Ian Simpson and Rockwell Collin’s Stephanie Cooper.
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New flights to West Coast out of CVG may not not be as cheap as they appear. Don't Waste Your Money with John Matarese. John Matarese shows why you could be wasting a lot of money.



Aviation International News

Flight Department managers and staff members frequently discuss the difficulty in achieving “Balance” in their operations – whether that is consistent utilization of aircraft between maintenance intervals, or the ability to load-balance staff and keep assignments “fair” – while managing a demanding schedule of needs. Today’s operators are seeking solutions that allow for a “management by exception” approach that can reduce the managerial-load and enable managers to spend their time more effectively in areas where it will have the most impact.
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Spring Flying


During this free webinar from Jeppesen, our flying experts will discuss the best ways to prepare not only your aircraft, but also yourself, for springtime flying after being out of the left seat all winter. We’ll discuss the best practices and advice to help you fully prepare for a safe flight.
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Data-driven Unmanned Aircraft Systems Products and Services for GIS and Aerial Survey

ElectronicDataSol's channel

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) have generated tremendous hype both in the news and among geospatial professionals. The professional data products they can help produce make it obvious that there are numerous applications for the technology, yet operating them legally for commercial purposes whether you are a public or private organization can be cumbersome.
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How can marketers benefit from the new digital publishing era?


Up until now, digital publishing has been rather static. A digital publication, once published, was set in stone. Among other things, this limited the opportunities for presenting customers with the latest content and offers.Qantas utilized these new technologies to relaunch its digital customer magazine. With the award-winning app, Qantas was able to broaden distribution and improve ongoing user engagement, thereby maximizing its valuable content.
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