Predictive In-Flight Fuel and Flight Efficiency Pilot Guidance Solution for all Flight Phases Demo- Webinar

Pilot Guidance Solution
During the Webinar, SITA FOR AIRCRAFT experts will take you on a demo of OptiFlight, for a typical flight, from a pilot’s perspective, showing recommendations for speeds both for climb-out and to enable on-time arrival at the best fuel/time ratio, possible shortcuts on-route, cruise level changes taking winds into account, and more. As you will see OptiFlight allows pilots and airlines to achieve significant fuel savings, optimize efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions for each flight.
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Using Technology to Modernize Your Flight Operation


Today’s modern flight department runs on fast, reliable information accessibility and communication.How effective is your department in these areas? Are your current processes and systems manual, outdated and slowing you down?How does your current work environment enable you to hire and retain new talent?The answers and best practices are presented during this webinar
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What You Need To Know About The State Of The Business Aviation Industry

Aviation Week

Please join the Aviation Week Intelligence Network in a webinar discussing the state of the business aviation market. The webinar will provide a better understanding of where the industry is today, where it is going and a discussion of the disrupters to watch for.
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Biometrics, the new normal: How to implement an end-to-end Seamless Flow programme


Lining up and waiting at every airport chokepoint is a thing of the past. Contactless identity management via biometrics has become the essence of modern passenger experience. A seamless end-to-end journey where your face is your passport is core to the aviation digital transformation.How can todays’ airports sustainably implement the 4.0 disruption? How can it boost capacity, experience and revenue? How can privacy be safeguarded This webinar flies you through the core pillars of 21st century airport management. Learn about the best practices, lessons learned and success stories!
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ACC Air Cargo Industry Outlook and Implications for Airport Design

ACC Training Hub

This ACC on-demand webinar will: (1) review the collective cargo experience of U.S. airports since the most common peak year (calendar year 2000) and discuss causes of the massive decreases that occurred in many markets; (2) discuss the composition of U.S. cargo airports, in terms of FedEx and UPS hubs, international gateways and feeder markets; (3) discuss the recent and ongoing impacts of e-Commerce generally and specifically with regards to the development of the Amazon network.
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