How is the mobile travel landscape for airlines and travel companies evolving and what are the key trends in mobile travel for 2016?The Mobile Travel Landscape 2016 analyzes the mobile.
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Travelling is made more seamless with Star Alliance through connections centres, hubs, lounges and the loyalty programme.


SITAONAIR - Live Flight Tracking Software Demo and Overview On-Demand Webinar

Aircraft IT

SITAONAIR’s ground-based software system, AIRCOM® FlightTracker, provides airlines with 100% global, real-time flight tracking capabilities and minute-by-minute position data, exceeding the ICAO GADSS (Global Aeronautical Distress Safety System) 15-minute recommendation and meeting the 2021 requirements. As you will see AIRCOM® FlightTracker gathers data from multiple global sources, including cutting-edge space-based ADS-B, and fills in any gaps in the air navigation service provider’s (ANSP) tracking.
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The Changing Face of Airline Safety: A Q&A with Industry Leadership [V6]


Airline safety is changing. Between demographic shifts in airline leadership, evolving safety regulations, and an increasing role of technology in airline quality and safety management, old ways are growing irrelevant and to stay competitive, airlines must adapt to these emerging realities.
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Post-Maintenance Checklist

Savvy Aviation

The first flight after maintenance is by far the most likely time for something to go wrong with the aircraft. Mike Busch A&P/IA offers advice on what you should do before and during the first flight after an annual or other major maintenance.
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Aruba Networks - The Meridian-Powered App for the Portland Intl. Airport

Aruba Networks

The Portland Intl. Airport used Aruba Networks Mobile engagement platform to create an indoor GPS app for their visitors. Check out this video to see how a visitor might use the app to find amenities, check on flight times, and get turn-by-turn directions to wherever they want to go.
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