Validation of CEM Simulations for Aircraft Lightning Certification

Computation Electromagnetic (CEM) simulations play an ever increasing role in the analysis and support for aircraft certification projects. CEM can be used to evaluate electromagnetic environmental effects as well as EMC/EMI system problems for design and certification support. This analysis can be used early in projects to investigate aircraft designs and assess the need for protections schemes but also to provide valuable results to aid in certification support.
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The world today is more interconnected than ever before. Modern telecommunications, particularly the Internet, have revolutionised the way we do business, as well as the way we communicate and socialise.


The IBM Travel Experience Index for Airlines webinar


On March 31, IATA, Airlines International, and IBM hosted and recorded a one hour webinar titled “Compare airline passenger experience scores: The IBM Travel Experience Index for Airlines” Passenger experience surveys are an important and familiar tool in the global airline industry, but typically, they focus on the physical aspects of the travel experience by measuring factors like seat comfort, in-flight entertainment, and cabin amenities. This webinar, however, will reveal the results of a first-of-a-kind study, the IBM Travel Experience Index, which focuses on how digital factors influence the travel experience today.

Drones in Agriculture: Preparing for the Planting Season


As winter draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about the growing season ahead. While most people associate drones with growth and harvest, there are plenty of ways to put your drone to work before planting season begins. From scouting for weeds to assessing drainage tiles, growers are increasingly using drones as an indispensable, year-round field management tool.

EMG-6 Electric Motor Glider Webinar Hosted By EAA

Adventure Aircraft

This is a remastered Version of the EMG-6 Electric Motor Glider webinar hosted by EAA 10-19-2016. We have added video in the post and cut some of the content to make it more relevant. this is a good introduction to the EMG-6 electric motor glider.

Flight Training with the iPad: Tips and how to use it effectively

Sporty's Pilot

Sporty's VP of Education David Zitt will join iPad Pilot News Editor Bret Koebbe for a 60 minute presentation discussing the dos and don'ts of the iPad as it relates to learning to fly and how it can coexist with the traditional methods of flight planning, weather briefings and cross-country navigation during each phase of training.