MRO Europe 2023

MRO Europe 2023
Celebrating the 25th anniversary in 2023, MRO Europe is the leading event in the region for the commercial aviation aftermarket, combining a senior level conference and international exhibition. Over 450+ solution providers exhibit at the show, attracting over 9,000 attendees representing airlines, lessors, MROs, OEMs, suppliers and industry experts. MRO Europe next takes place in Amsterdam on October 17-19, 2023



Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference 2023

October 18-19, 2023 | Thailand

Of many things that have changed in the past year or so, attitudes to digital and paperless processes, once considered ‘nice to have’, have become ‘must have’ priorities in any business. IT is not only at the heart of a modern airline, it is also the key to understanding how the business works. For airlines, operators and MROs in the APAC region’s fast growing, vibrant aviation sector, the benefits in safety and efficiency to be gained from digital and paperless processes, as well as the collection and application of data with integrated and enhanced IT platforms, are clear. Unlocking those benefits is the challenge.


December 5-7, 2023 | Canada

The symposium will bring together key stakeholders from industry, academia, government and international organizations in the unmanned aviation sector to exchange research, best practices, lessons learned and respective challenges. Attention will be given to ongoing ICAO activities such as unmanned aircraft systems traffic management (UTM), communication, navigation, surveillance (CNS) and spectrum, as well as advanced air mobility (AAM), which need to be addressed collectively in order to facilitate unmanned aircraft integration into the global aviation system.

MRO Latin America

February 14-15, 2024 | Costa Rica

MRO Latin America is the leading event in this region for the commercial air transport repair, maintenance and overhaul industry. MRO Latin America brings together leaders and innovators from across the globe representing the most trusted brands and organizations in the aviation industry.

ATCA Global Conference And Exposition

November 7-9, 2023 | USA

Themed “Connecting People to Shape Tomorrow’s Airspace,” ATCA Global has been revamped with the goal to bring together all stakeholders who manage airspace integration throughout the globe.