The CAPA Americas Aviation and LCCs Summit

The CAPA Americas Aviation and LCCs Summit
The summit will throw light on the specific issues and trends, through a combination of keynote presentations, sector specific panel discussion, audience Q&A sessions and more. Bringing together regional and international aviation bodies, industry experts, regulators and political leaders, the summit will spur unique discussions on the future of the aviation industry in the Americas. As the Americas move past the recovery phase and into the post-COVID era, there is no better place to understand travel than at CAPA’s Americas Aviation and LCCs Summit.



37th Annual Small Satellite Conference

August 5-10, 2023 | USA

During the 37th Annual Small Satellite Conference, we will explore future missions and delve into key technological drivers, operational constructs, and activities that inform and secure the success of small satellite missions at scale.

TMAE 2023

August 18-20, 2023 | USA

Submitted and selected papers will be peer-reviewed by technical program committees based on the paper's topic, quality, etc. Accepted and presented papers will be recommended to International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research

Aviation Week: MRO Europe

October 17-19, 2023 | USA

They will be discussing what will ongoing supply chain challenges mean for the market over the next few years? What are the OEMs proposing in terms of support and can there be a return to BAU? Material shortages and labor challenges Ð what are the methods to improve output and timeliness? Can we help suppliers further down the supply chain to improve delivery and production? How can we encourage a build-up of capability to respond to the lag, get things back on track and ultimately improve performance?

Sustainable Aviation Futures Congress

June 7-9, 2023 | Netherlands

Taking place in Amsterdam from 7 - 9 June, Sustainable Aviation Futures Congress is a high-level, content-rich networking event that will showcase the latest strategies for decarbonisation, key industry challenges and exciting opportunities for airlines, corporate organisations and fuel producers. Meet with 350 senior-level attendees from across the whole aviation value chain, including airlines, fuel producers, regulators, financiers and industry professionals sharing the latest strategies in sustainable aviation.