Boeing and NASA Use Synthetic Vision to Make Flight Training Real

October 25, 2017

NASA and Boeing recently signed a Space Act Agreement and their work could lead to better flight training and aviation safety around the world.


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Why Does Aviation Use Nautical Miles?

video | April 15, 2021

Apart from pilots and sea captains, most of us use either the Imperial or the metric system when calculating how far we need to get to where we are going. However, air navigation has adopted the ways of its marine counterpart, as it also covers distances great enough to cross several latitudinal lines- Not to mention, to save air traffic control a great deal of potential confusion when communicating with international pilots....

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DECK 7 - General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

video | May 23, 2018

DECK 7 is committed to protecting our customers' data and safeguarding their privacy....

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Lufthansa To Ground Airbus A380s

video | March 9, 2020

Lufthansa looks set to ground its Airbus A380s following a major drop off in load factors across the board. In today's video, I take a look at the situation!...

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Flybe Ceases All Operations

video | March 5, 2020

Flybe has today ceased all operations following it entering into administration. In today's video, I take a look at the fall of Flybe and the impact on smaller regional U.K airports!...

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